From process development to seamless integration, Prosint delivers state of the art laser micro-machining, laser micro-welding, and robotic workstations.

Process Development

Process development at Prosint begins with a thorough investigation of each customer’s proposed application, determining the most effective strategy for developing a process solution.

Steps include:

  • Feasibility validation
  • Concept development
  • Proof of concept of principle
  • Application validation

With a working sample approved by the customer, the Prosint team proceeds to develop an ideal part production process. Systems are designed to adhere to all project scope requirements and application specifications. Customer requirements remain at the forefront as part of Prosint’s commitment to on-time delivery, quality, and value.

System components can include:

  • Lasers
  • Motion control systems
  • Vision systems
  • Robots
  • Material handling systems
  • Computers
  • Custom software

System Integration

After system components have been built and tested at the state of the art Prosint facility, projects advance to the system integration phase. This ensures that technology that’s constructed to deliver accuracy to the required tolerances continue to do so on-site at customer facilities.

Prosint installs systems, adjusting and testing, and helping to run components to demonstrate that the manufactured parts meet customer specifications and the equipment meets exacting Prosint requirements. Prosint solutions meet real world manufacturing requirements.

Ongoing training and support provided by Prosint keeps systems operating to their maximum capability. This level of customer satisfaction makes our customers our best advocates.

At Prosint, our focus is on developing and embedding the desired manufacturing process without allowing any compromise in quality, cost, throughput, uptime, or efficiency.

Prosint takes pride in its neutrality; we find the best application to match the required solution, no matter its origin. Our engineers will regularly cut samples using a variety of lasers sources. Our customers can then assess, weigh pros and cons, and select the optimal solution.


Where other companies try and fail, Prosint succeeds.