Prosint systems enable advanced manufacturing with cutting edge laser micro-machining, laser microwelding, laser scribing, and robotic workstations.


The PreciCut Higgs is a class 10,000 micro-machining station that has XYZ stages and which can integrate multiple laser sources. It maintains accuracy to the nanometer level, allowing users to develop processes and to manufacture components of types previously near unobtainable. The Higgs is designed for use as prototype machine and can be transformed into a production machine as the need arises.


Designed to serve as a factory’s production workhorse, the PreciCut Excalibur is a high-precision micro-machining station with XYZ stages. It delivers high levels of accuracy and configuration flexibility and incorporates full automation for part loading and unloading. The Excalibur seamlessly integrates into both factory environments and with traceability requirements to meet strict standards of precision and reliability.


The small-footprint PreciCut Falcon is a precision micro-machining station with an integrated robot. With complete spool handling and vision functionality, it can be programmed on the fly by automatically generating G-code from part-print files. Highly flexible Falcon stations utilize various sources of lasers to machine features on a spool of material or material on a conveyor.


PreciCut Gnat series machines are laser micro-machining turning centers that range from small tabletop size to sophisticated production machines that integrate within a factory environment. The machines in this series cut complicated shapes and features and maintain accuracies appropriate to your process to differing degrees depending on the model. Like all PreciCut systems, Gnat series stations utilize a flexible array of laser sources. These systems can be configured and built for either wet or dry cutting applications.


PreciCut Arrow series machines are designed to incorporate within an existing manufacturing environment or within machine tools that require laser processing. The machines in this series can be tuned to suit a range of micro-machining processes.


PreciCut Array series systems are designed to utilize a single laser source to perform laser processing at different stations. Like Arrow series machines, these sophisticated systems are compact and designed to integrate within the manufacturing environment or within a machine tool.



PreciWeld Dragon laser microwelding stations are designed to meet your strict micro-laser welding requirements. With applications developed in the automotive, energy, electronics and medical industries, Dragon systems provide robust solutions that meet demanding microwelding requirements. This Class 1 CDRH compliant 4 axis CNC system is equipped with tilt adjustable beam delivery. This allows work pieces with variable diameters to be processed from almost any angle. Dragon systems are super compact, self-contained, easy to use, and multi-faceted to implement a wide range of operations on a wider range of applications.



The PreciBot T-REX family of systems are proprietary and confidential systems that help organizations to automate their product assembly or product disassembly processes. Tailor made to meet specific customer requirements, these systems reduce waste by allowing customers to repurpose, recycle, and retain their intellectual property. PreciBot systems deliver overwhelming value and performance with a focus on process, throughput, and safety.



PreciScribe Scarab systems provide a reliable and robust scribing solution, easily supported worldwide. Scarab systems are fully automated once the product to be scribed is delivered and loaded onto the system conveyor. The system orients itself to the part to locate key features (or nearby fiducials) and aligns to those features to begin the process. The tool can be programmed via an electronic file, such as a DXF, high-resolution PDF, or other approved format. Scarabs can be upgraded to include automation and to integrate with factory upstream and downstream equipment. Scarab systems provide the control and flexibility necessary for processing parts that meet the accuracy specifications requirements for handling SMART glass and solar cell scribing requirements.

Lasers Detail

Prosint integrates a wide range of lasers ranging from UV (355nm) to far IR (1064nm). Types include:

  • Fiber lasers
  • Disc lasers
  • Nano second
  • Pico second
  • FEMTO second
  • Frequency doubled YAG lasers
  • Diode pumped lasers
  • CO2 lasers

Our beam delivery and motion systems are among the world’s finest, demonstrating an advanced degree of safety, accuracy, and efficiency.